"Design is the mirror through which we see our creative souls."

-Joel  and Olive Enriquez




Luna Design International

is a specialist branding and packaging studio based in Las Vegas, Nevada.


It is the result of the creative partnership of two individuals, Joel and Olivia Enriquez. We share a passion for design and good living, she, of food and cooking;  he, of gardening and fixing.


In the Philippines, we must have designed thousands of products from flatware to plates, bottles and boxes, chairs and small spaces, to large pavilions in international venues.

We have built products and brands, and becoming a key player in the dynamic export design scene. Our work is a collection of ideas and objects woven from thinking, asking and inter-acting, often, the results are mirrors of their creative soul.

Brand Identity

Logos and Trademarks

Package Design and Development

Brandbook/ Lookbook

Book Design

Web Design

Art Direction

Food Styling


Visual Merchandising

Social Media Marketing



We design things-some new, some from old, dig up new twists on stories oft-told, prime up spaces from empty rooms,

update brands that need to bloom, with a cool shelf -life,

and looks that make products hot.


We enjoy food, and shopping, to feel the pulse and

take to up-cycling,

to boost morale.
Love of culture is where we roost.


Tell us your story,

Talk to us, we love to hear from you,

We are proud of  who we are,

where we come from, what we do,

how we do things, and why we do things.

Have great clients, large and small,

Make you winners, above all.


Call     7024993908

Email:   olive@lunadesign-intl.com